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Progressive Cavity Pumps

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Capacity upto 200 m3/hr, pressure – upto 12 bar Temperature 200 Degree C, Viscosity – 10,00,000CST Beverages, Brewery and Distillery, confectionery, Dairy, Distillery Edible Oil, Food Processing, Fruit Processing, Ice Cream, Pharmaceuticals and Winery, Cosmetics and Toiletries, Edible Oil.

Hygienic Design Sanitary pumps with all metal parts in contact with the liquid in smooth Seamless Stainless Steel and Stator of Food Grade of non-contamination rubber. The Pumps are available with IDF Unions, SMS Unions, Triclover Joints, Din Connections as per the requirement of the Customers.

Field of application

  • + Cleaning In Place Capability
  • + Exceptional Suction Lift Performance
  • + Low Fluid Velocity for Efficient Operation
  • + Usage of Non-Contaminating Metals
  • + Elimination of Retaining Pockets
  • + Non-Clogging Design
  • + Positive Displacement Functionality
  • + Reversible Operation
  • + Self-Priming Capability
  • + Consistent and Uniform Flow
  • + Versatility in Applications


Profik pumps are extensively used in the food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industries. They are specifically designed to meet the stringent requirements and high standards of these industries, ensuring the safe and efficient handling of sensitive substances and products. Whether it’s for transferring ingredients, processing materials, or filling and packaging applications, Profik pumps offer reliable and hygienic solutions for the food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics sectors.

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