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Humility in Recovery and How to Develop It Alcoholics Anonymous

We have placed this emphasis in the context of a wider theological history of thought as this converged on Bill W. In addition, we have offered a constructive interpretation of the 12 Steps that relies on a model of four modulations of humility. Finally, we have reviewed in brief some approaches to the measurement of humility in this context, and suggested several aims for future research. The instrumentation to date represents strides in quantifying humility along the spectrum of step work. Although yet to be validated among adolescents, adult, and offender populations, items from the GAATOR provide a place to start quantification of the first three modulations of humility (above).

In fact, the word Islam can be defined as humbly submitting to God. In Buddhism, this attribute is viewed as a key element that people need to develop if they hope to achieve Nirvana. It is sometimes claimed that if a religion is not making the individual humble, they must be doing something wrong. It is a long and difficult journey and requires a lot of drive and courage; as well as faith in our ability to be healed.

Change Your Mindset

If you are struggling with addiction and want to change your life for the better, working through this step can be a great way to begin your journey toward healing. Step 7 is the last step in a phase of recovery that began with step 4. During this period of the process, the goal is to work on addressing personal issues, including some of the shortcomings and flaws that contribute to problematic alcohol consumption. Because this step concentrates on prayer and finding meaning, it can also help foster a deeper connection to spirituality. Arrogance makes it difficult for people to learn anything new, because they think they already have all the answers. They fear that admitting to not knowing something will make them look stupid.

  • These steps require humility to admit how one has harmed others and ask them now how to set the matter right.
  • By leveraging the principles of humility in your recovery and the workplace, you will stretch yourself and grow into the leader that your recovery has equipped you to be.
  • Learn how an alcohol rehabilitation program can treat the mind & body.
  • It also helps them come to better understand their connection to others.
  • Without humility, these programs argue that motivation for learning how to stay sober and to make sober lifestyle changes is likely to be low. is an essential foundation for a better life. For instance, it provides us with the willingness to surrender our ego and false pride. It also provides the courage to show our vulnerable side and admit to the problem of addiction. Humility gives us the willingness to ask for help and guidance from others and to practice trust beyond ourselves.

History of the 12 Steps of Recovery.

Living the spiritual life reveals meaning and purpose in our daily activities. Humility is part of every real recovery program because addiction is the result of a self-centered ego. It is a natural and foreseeable consequence when someone with an attitude of entitlement decides to self-medicate. As addicts we saw ourselves not on this earth to serve our fellows but rather to have our own desires served and all of our wants and needs met.

This is a perilous approach to sobriety that we can’t recommend to anybody. In addition to mutual support groups, whether they are 12-step programs or an alternative approach, getting professional treatment can significantly improve a person’s chances of recovery. Depending on an individual’s needs, such treatments may involve therapy, medications, or inpatient/outpatient rehab. Talk to your doctor about which options might be suitable for your needs. There are many different paths to substance use recovery, and 12-step programs are just one resource that people may find helpful.

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