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Progressive Cavity Pumps

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Profik pumps progressive cavity pumps are known for their compact size, durability, and impressive performance. They are available in various power categories and construction materials, making them versatile for different applications. These pumps have gained global recognition for their exceptional value in public and industrial wastewater treatment and waste disposal. They provide efficient solutions for fluid transfer in industries such as chemicals, petrochemicals, food processing, cosmetics, paper manufacturing, civil engineering, mining, and industrial processing. Profik pumps excel in scenarios where the conveyed product is highly viscous or has poor flow properties, surpassing the capabilities of other pump types.

Profik pumps operate as self-priming positive displacement pumps, consisting of two essential components: a rotating eccentric screw and a fixed stator. This configuration ensures smooth and low-pulsation conveyance of the medium, reducing turbulence. Additionally, the ability to choose from a variety of materials for the rotor and stator offers an advantage when handling abrasive media.

The flow rate of Profik pumps is directly proportional to the rotational speed while increasing the number of stages allows for higher pump pressure. The design of these pumps enables bidirectional pumping, high suction lift, and gentle fluid conveyance. Furthermore, the extensive range of material combinations available for the rotor and stator, combined with their ability to provide conveying with meagre shear forces, makes progressive cavity pumps highly suitable for precise measuring and metering tasks.
Versatility: Suitable for application in diverse environments and industries.

Suction Lift: Capable of achieving a suction lift of up to 8.5 meters (25 feet).
High Flow Rate: Offers a flow rate of up to 300 cubic meters per hour (1400 gallons per minute).
Impressive Pressure: Capable of generating pressures of up to 36 bar.
Viscosity Handling: Designed to handle fluids with viscosities of up to 1,000,000 mm²/s.
Solid Particle Size: Can handle solid particles with a maximum size of 75 mm (3 inches).
Elevated Media Temperatures: Capable of operating with media temperatures of up to 180°C (360°F).

Technical Data

Various materials are available to adapt the pump optimally to the medium.

Standard Materials
Pump casing GG-25
1.4408 CF8M (1.4581)
Steel St. 37
1.4462 / AFSI S3 1803
Rotor C 45 hcp Tool Steel
1.4571 SS 316
Shaft 1.4021 Carbon Steel
1.4571 SS 316
Stator Buna (SBR)
Perbunan (NBR)
Perbunan, white (NBR)
Therban (HNBR)
Viton® (FPM)
Butyl-rubber (IIR)
Hypalon (CSM)
EPDM-rubber (EPDM)


The pump finds applications in various industries, including:

  • + Water and Wastewater Treatment.
  • + Pulp and Paper
  • + Chemical
  • + Food
  • + Petroleum
  • + Building Materials
  • + Coal Industry
  • + General industrial applications
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