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Retrofit Spares


Right material conforming to international standards combined with special heat treatment and hard chrome plating technology, Ensures dimensions and critical tolerances are maintained.

Quality Progressive cavity pumps , we have a wide range of retrofit spares to offer for brands like NETZSCH®, Roto pump®, and other global brands as well.

We manufacture spare parts as per the customer requirements.

Development Image
Development Image

Manufacturing materials

  • + PROFIK PUMPS PVT LTD Rotors are manufactured in stainless steel with induction deep hardening. They offer better abrasive and corrosive resistance
  • + PROFIK PUMPS PVT LTD Rotors (Anti-Abrasive Rotors) specially developed anti-abrasion hardened material
  • + Stainless Steel
  • + Hardened Carbon Steel
  • + Hard Chrome Stainless Steel
  • + Duplex
  • + Other special alloys also available


Other coatings with lower roughness than chroming such as ceramic or tungsten carbide are available. Using these types of coatings avoids the blade-effect, which often happens with chrome-coating. Chroming accelerates the wear and tear of the rotor and stator for two reasons:

  • + Chrome-coating does not protect the base material from corrosion.
  • + The hardness difference between the chrome coating and the core material often causes micro fractures (cracking)